Business Success : 4 Steps - Getting Funding

Opportunities can present themselves quickly and can disappear just as quickly. We do not believe in high leverage or borrowing. There are times, however, that it is prudent to raise the capital to quickly seize the moment.

We have a network of lenders and venture capital firms that look for selected entrepreneurs with vision. Your success it the only goal. Outside capital resources may help you achieve more than could be accomplished out of current operating cash flow.

Capital may be raised in many ways. We believe in the necessity for positive operating cash flow. We will study the company and reaffirm that a plan is in place that ensures a profitable operation. We do understand that all businesses have start up and development periods, and may incur operating losses at this phase. Negative cash flow must however be set to limit and properly funded so as to not jeopardize the continuity of your company, and dilute your control.

Prudent investment of this cash flow to continue to maximize your return on investment. Tax planning to maintain critical working capital and to minimize the need to obtain outside funds.

Many of our venture capital firms offer more than just money. They offer their mentoring and strategic contacts. We work within proven business builders as our capital partners.


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