Business Success : 4 Steps - Getting Organized

* Needs Assessment-
The most critical element of this step is taking inventory of your financial position. GFS will examine your present accounting process and where necessary, implement cost and time effective software enhancement solutions.

* Selecting An Affordable Accounting Software-Solution
GFS believes, wherever possible, in the use of off-the-shelf accounting programs such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, One-Write, and MYOB.

* On-site Installation Support & Training-
GFS is able to provide a trained representative to our client's site to configure the accounting system to meet the client's individual and specific industry needs.

* Classroom & Group Training-
These sessions can be held at COMP USA facilities and are staffed by GFS representatives.

*Industry Manuals-
GFS has worked in a wide range of industries and maintain an extensive library of solution manuals. This enables us to customize these generic programs to achieve the maximum benefits for your company.


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