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Interface Design

   It has been said that what truly matters on a web page is content. We all agree to this fact, content is king. If company A is selling a service for X dollars and company B is selling the same service at 1/3 of the price, then any customer with average intelligence will opt for company B's service regardless of what their site looks like.

   It has, also, been said that a web page has approximately 2.3 seconds to grasp a potential customer's attention until they "click-through" to another page. This is where stylish graphics play an important role in the construction of a successful web page. Although content is what truly matters, most potential customers are never going to see your page content if the design of your web page does not catch their attention within that critical period of the first 2.3 seconds.

   In order to correct this problem let Goldman Media design a custom button interface for you. You specify the buttons you want and the style you desire and we will custom design a button interface that matches the style of your page. By sprucing up the presentation of your site with one of our stylish interfaces your web page can compete with the flashy sites of your competitors. Your site will no longer fall victim to the dreaded "quick click through".

   By allowing Goldman Media to design a custom interface for your page, your site will entice visitors to, more thoroughly, peruse your content. And by coupling our flashy button interface with your valuable content you can advance the status of your page from "quick click through" to a "sticky page". A "sticky page" is one which lures visitors to return to the site day after day after day for valuable content. Remember, content is king, but without any design appeal it is worthless.

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