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Web Design Seminars

   The best way to do things is to do them yourself. However, with the technicality of the internet, this is usually easier said than done. When starting a site online we would all like to know how to do the work ourselves, but learning these skills is a daunting task. Learning requires time, money and patience, these are three very valuable entities in the world of business.

   Learn first hand at a Goldman Media E-commerce seminar. Rather than go out and spend loads of money on books, lots of time reading them and losing your patience when things don't go as planned, simply visit one of our ongoing E-commerce seminars held at local CompUSA stores.

   Goldman Media will show you the secrets you need to know to get ahead. We will show you how to rank higher in search engines, get more visitors, design better pages and make more sales! You can get a first hand education in basic areas of web design by joining one of our ongoing free seminars. Topics include HTML and beginner page design, e-commerce tips, Adobe Photoshop graphics for beginners. You can then progress to our advance level courses in topics such as HTML and advanced page design, tips and tricks from the e-commerce pro's, Advance Adobe Photoshop techniques, search engine placement and ranking, etc. If you would like a schedule of the available seminars please e-mail us.

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